Resounding Truth: Christian Wisdom in the World of Music

In this well-rounded study, Begbie examines the connections between music and theology by engaging Scripture, musical history, and contemporary culture.

Prominent critic, poet, and memoirist Sandra M. Gilbert explores our relationship to death through literature, history, poetry, and societal practices.

Long begins by describing how the Christian funeral developed historically, theologically, and liturgically, and then discusses recent cultural trends in funeral practices, including the rise in both cremations and memorial services. He describes the basic pattern for a funeral service, details options in funeral planning, identifies characteristics of a “good funeral,” and provides thoughtful guidance for preaching at a funeral.

In this book, Amanda Porterfield demonstrates that healing has played a major role in the historical development of Christianity as a world religion.

What do you think about when you talk about life and death? This is the question that sent Gary Gunderson on a journey toward life, realizing that if death defines our efforts, then it will win every time.

This powerful, concise book lays the philosophical foundations for reconciliation and explores what it means to pursue hope in areas of brokenness in theory and practice.

In Hearing with the Heart, popular writer and retreat leader Debra K. Farrington leads you through a gentle process for discovering how to invite God’s presence into every aspect of your daily life.

In this helpful and encouraging book, Elizabeth Liebert introduces the practice of discernment and guides readers through the process of faithful decision-making.

Lillian Daniel shares how her congregation re-appropriated the practice of testimony one Lenten season, a practice that would eventually revitalize their worship and transform their congregational culture.

In a compelling blend of journalism, scholarship, and personal memoir, Christopher D. Ringwald examines the Sabbath from Creation to the present, weaving together the stories of three families, three religions, and three thousand years of history.