A way of life for a searching people

Explore a way of life shaped by practices that respond to God’s grace and reflect God’s love for you, for others, and for all creation.

More than a building

Many of us have begun to think of religion as confined to certain texts or spaces. But our faith can be so much more — from guiding the broadest sense of our lives’ purpose to enriching the seeming minutiae of our daily routines.

Christianity offers timeless traditions of personal actions and community interactions that help both Christians — and the world — to flourish.

Practices are those shared activities that address fundamental needs of humankind and creation and that, woven together, form an entire way of life. Exploring these practices as they have been shaped in the context of our faith lets us encounter the possibility of this way of life that is both attuned to present-day needs and taught by ancient wisdom.

The following pages offer a fresh way of thinking about our beliefs through the framing of twelve Christian practices.

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What others are doing

Open your imagination to living out the Christian practices by reading how others translate their faith into everyday actions.

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Find the books

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Interview with Dorothy Bass

The influential book “Practicing Our Faith” and other works it inspired continue to be pertinent today.

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Practicing Our Faith: A Way of Life for a Searching People details twelve time-honored Christian practices that will help us, and the world, to flourish.