Books & Films


Reconciling All Things: A Christian Vision for Justice, Peace and Healing

By Emmanuel Katongole and Chris Rice

This powerful, concise book lays the philosophical foundations for reconciliation and explores what it means to pursue hope in areas of brokenness in theory and...

Born on the Fourth of July

Born on the Fourth of July portrays the story of Ron Kovic, a patriotic Catholic boy whose desire for confession and absolution fuels his personal...

Dead Man Walking

Based on Sister Helen Prejean's 1993 non-fiction book Dead Man Walking: An Eyewitness Account of the Death Penalty in the United States, this film explores...

The Straight Story

Filmed along the route that the actual Alvin Straight traversed in 1994 from Laurens, Iowa, to Mt. Zion, Wisconsin, The Straight Story chronicles Alvin's patient...

Don’t Forgive Too Soon: Extending the Two Hands that Heal

By Dennis Linn, Sheila Fabricant Linn, and Matthew Linn

Shows how to forgive in an active, healthy way by moving through a five-step process that renounces vengeance and retaliation but is not passive or...

The Return of the Prodigal Son: A Story of Homecoming

By Henri Nouwen

With over a million copies sold, this classic work is essential reading for all who ask, "Where has my struggle led me?"

Mr. Ives’ Christmas

By Oscar Hijuelos

A beautifully written, tender, and passionate story of a man trying to put his life in perspective.

Embodying Forgiveness: A Theological Analysis

By L. Gregory Jones

Developing a strong theological perspective on forgiveness throughout, Jones draws on films and a wide variety of literature as well as on Scripture and theological...

Saint Maybe

By Anne Tyler

The beloved Pulitzer Prize-winning author brings us the story of Ian Bedloe, the ideal teenage son, leading a cheery, apple-pie life with his family in...

The Sunflower: On the Possibilities and Limits of Forgiveness

By Simon Wiesenthal

A Holocaust survivor’s surprising and thought-provoking study of forgiveness, justice, compassion, and human responsibility, featuring contributions from the Dalai Lama, Harry Wu, Cynthia Ozick, Primo...