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Healing in the History of Christianity

By Amanda Porterfield

In this book, Amanda Porterfield demonstrates that healing has played a major role in the historical development of Christianity as a world religion.

Leading Causes of Life: Five Fundmentals to Change the Way You Live Your Life

By Gary Gunderson and Larry M. Pray

What do you think about when you talk about life and death? This is the question that sent Gary Gunderson on a journey toward life,...


Based on the book by Dr. Oliver Sacks, Awakenings takes place in 1969 in a Bronx chronic-care hospital for those with the most profound neurological...

Stretch Out Your Hand: Exploring Healing Prayer

By Tilda Norberg and Robert D. Webber

Stretch Out Your Hand offers practical ways for us to consider the varieties of God's healing love for individuals, institutions, and communities.

Suffering Presence: Theological Reflections on Medicine, the Mentally Handicapped, and the Church

By Stanley Hauerwas

In Suffering Presence, ethicist Stanley Hauerwas delivers a well-formed theological perspective that illuminates the moral life, particularly medical care and the care of children and...

Healing and Christianity

By Morton Kelsey

The classic history of healing in the Christian church from biblical times to the present.

Healing in the Landscape of Prayer

By Avery Brooke

The ministry of healing prayer goes back to our deepest roots, to Jesus of Nazareth, who cared for those suffering in body and in spirit....

Heal Thyself: Spirituality, Medicine, and the Distortion of Christianity

By Joel James Schuman and Keith G. Meador

Heal Thyself argues that popular culture's fascination with the health benefits of religion reflects not the renaissance of religious tradition but the powerful combination of...